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Lexus LX J201 Concept Modifications Overview | Lexus

Celebrating its ability to go off-road or go out on the town, the Lexus J201 Concept (a modified Lexus LX 570) showcases the flagship LUV’s full spectrum of adventuring capability with tastefully-selected, crafted modifications. Crafted by overlanding experts, @ExpeditionOverland , J201 introduces the Lexus pillars of Brave Design, Imaginative Technology, Exhilarating Performance, and Omotenashi beyond the paved path. Learn more: https://lexus.us/36FHO8O

#Lexus #OffRoad #LexusJ201

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About Lexus: Welcome to the official Lexus YouTube channel. This is your front-row seat to Experiencing Amazing.
Lexus : Introducing the new Lexus LX 570 J201 Concept Off-Road vehicle. Let us know what you like in the comments below. Is this a must-have for your next adventure? What feature are you most excited about? For more details, you can learn more here: https://lexus.us/36FHO8O

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francob911 : When is the Lexus TX comming out?
Turbo : we need turbo diesel lexus / land cruiser prado
Brian Barua : I live this one and what is the name of the song plz
Jackson Philby : Love it! Nice work everyone involved!
mark murimi : 550 horse power......
OneNotNumb : How do I buy this from the dealer with warranty?
JKC : Yes! Please!
Jzkaioshin : You know there are more wheel options with better offsets, these wheels make all the “upgrades” look tacky. Looks like a muscular man with chicken legs.

This SUPERCHARGED Lexus J201 Concept Is The Overlanding Beast We All Need!

( https://duckco.com/tfl-store ) Check out TFL's apparel store! Wait, supercharged you say? Yes, this LX 570-based Lexus J201 Concept is an overlanding build based on the luxury SUV, but with a cool 550 horsepower and a host of off-road upgrades. Here's everything you need to know!

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#Overland #Lexus #Supercharged
Thivakar saravanamuthu : Nice
Will Buie Jr. : Well that looks... interesting
Admranger : Gorgeous. Makes the front end livable vs the horrid stock spindle. This looks great.
The Jake : Was this in a wreck or is it supposed to look like that??
jorge osorio : Hahhaah toyota it's so funny they take away land cruiser but they keep it as a lexus 200-1?
Eric Beauchea : I'd donate a teste for this. No doubt.
Jonathan Losito : Bronco Killer??
Miguel Alfoya : Nice SUV, kinda like it! Thanks for the info
Bryan M : This doesn’t even make sense. Doesn’t Toyota have any sense! The land cruiser doesn’t sell here because it’s to expensive. This should be a 4Runner overland build. Even then it would cost as much as a land cruiser.
rochab77 : Not with the front bumper than looks like it has 3 feet of overhang i. Front of the front tire! It couldn't even do the ramp travel index ramp because the front bumper hit before the tire even made contact with the ramp. Other than the massive front overhang destroying any approach angle the land cruiser had, its a very nice vehicle! @1:59 you can see the massive overhang.

CBI Offroad Fab & Lexus J201 Concept Build

We have had the amazing privilege to work on another Lexus build, this time with a 2020 LX570. This year we were able to work Lexus and XOverland for the Rebelle Rally this October.

Prinsu Roof Rack: https://cbioffroadfab.com/product/lexus-lx570-prinsu-roofrack/
CBI Front Bumper: https://cbioffroadfab.com/product/lx570-front-bumper-2019-2020/
CBI Rear Bumper: https://cbioffroadfab.com/product/lx570-rear-bumper-2019-2020/
CBI Rock Sliders: https://cbioffroadfab.com/product/lx570-rock-sliders-2019-2020/
CBI Skid Plates: https://cbioffroadfab.com/product/lx570-skid-plates-2019-2020/
CBI Ditch Light Brackets: https://cbioffroadfab.com/product/lx570-ditch-light-brackets-2019-2020/
Jose Muniz : Is that bumper available? I am building my 2018 LX 570 right now. Just waiting on some parts.
usc airman : cool!
Nick De La Torre : Please make those grab handles with integrated lights a option on all prinsu racks!! Such a awesome idea
Romeo D'Ambrosio : What is the price range of the full kit? Front/Back/Sliders/Protection? What years of LX570 will this kit be able to fit on? Lastly, do you also do installs at your location? Or other locations around the country? Thanks
Chris Coleman : You should focus more on your every day customers maybe then it wouldn’t take over 13 weeks to get a bumper...
victor rodriguez : So are those lighted roof rack handles available to purchase?
pteck : Incredibly well designed and executed. Kudos to the team. Let's hope these parts go into production!
mlipscomb3232 : Looks great!
binyamj : Aluminum or steel armor? Looks great either way. It would be nice to see a full bumper with bars.
Wenjie Zhao : aswome work! love the style matching the functionality, making me want one of these with this built!




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