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Pl-259 Solder On Installation Guide for RG214 Coaxial Cable Full HD

This is an easy to follow installation guide for installing a Pl-259 coaxial connector (made by Max-Gain Systems, Inc. @ mgs4u.com) on to RG214 coaxial cable. This easy to follow installation of a Pl-259 connector on to RG214 cable clearly states every step of the process with HD quality available. The PL-259 used in the video was supplied by Max-Gain Systems, Inc. who also sells an ever expanding line of RF connectors and adapters. Be sure to check out our PL-259 connector page at www.mgs4u.com/PL-259-connectors.htm and our main connector and adapter page at www.mgs4u.com/RF-adapters.htm for any combination imaginable. This video can be used with any PL-259 connector available. This video was designed to show just how easy it is to install a PL-259 connector on to RG214. The PL-259 used in the video is made out of machined, solid brass with heavy silver plating, Teflon dielectric (insulator), and silver center pin.

Max-Gain Systems products used:
7500 UHF Male, solder on connector for LMR-400 and RG-8 sized coax
modex20 : notice the video cut at about 5:44. that's because he held the tiny pencil iron for an extended period of time against the body of the connector. the video editing is meant to hide that.

if you heat the body for that long, the connector itself will fine (PTFE insulator). but the PE dielectric in that coax is going to melt.
Daniel Pena official : Awesome video!!

N Type connector termination on RG-214 coax cable

Dean Morley demonstrates the correct method for terminating N type crimp connectors for making RG-214 coax tails.
Mike Sienicki : You're a real pro the way you did that N connector proud.
John Rieley : Best presentation of cable prep and crimping with pointed details shown, especially for the amateur who works in a sole radio station. Thanks from WA2ZEG.
Ian Gourlay : Anyone able or likely to afford pro grade tools like you're using here isn't very likely to need a You Tube instruction video...

RG214 Cable: Allied Wire & Cable Product Spotlight

www.awcwire.com - RG214 cable is a popular coaxial cable construction featuring a stranded silver-coated copper conductor, polyethylene insulation, a double silver-coated copper braid shield, and a PVC jacket.

RG214 coaxial cable offers many benefits, including great high frequency signal transmission, low attenuation, and a high voltage rating for use up to 5,000 volts.

Common applications for RG-214 include radio frequency, data transmission, broadcast, computer, telecommunications, instrumentation, and control.

View complete RG214 specs at http://www.awcwire.com/productspec.aspx?id=rg214-coaxial-cable.

Allied Wire \u0026 Cable distributes a full line of M17 and RG coaxial cables.




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