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QUT: A university for the real world

Learn more about QUT: http://bit.ly/1UBNjEt

QUT is a globally positioned university offering real-world outcomes for graduates through leading academics, a focus on modern learning, and state-of-the-art facilities.
Ramir Caudilla : intreseting
ぽぽっぽっぽ : I’m Japanese going to study in QUT from June!
Ritika Phirani : I have heard that those who are from different study background they can join the MIT programme...
Kartik Ror : Does Qut uni have Agriculture courses for bachelors pls make a separate video on it and scope of jobs in it
rjDeepVidsmavericks : Im going to be member of Qut university soon!!!cant wait!!!??
Jashan Jattana : I am going to become a member of QUT soon
Jayamini Rathnayake : Really proud to be a student of this university...!
Raman Grewal : I am coming for master of public health and yes this university is best in every manner i am exicted i can't even wait to be a part of this university?
Isabela Caovila Baldim : I hope I will be able to join this amazing university ? I am in love with this video...
Jesby George : i have heard that there is no exams for the bachelors of nursing in qut. Can someone please clarify it.




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